It's like hanging out with your crazy auntie and uncle, who just won't shut up and pay attention to you. Join Gigi D Gemini and Stanley the Skeptik, as they drop science with real talk about love, life, depression, sex, addiction, and joy. They toss in some gems about the opposite sex but, for the most part, work through the various court-ordered therapy sessions sharing wacky stories about our life and the crazy stuff we always seem to get into it. New episodes drop every Monday. Join us as we hang out and discuss whatever topics come to mind, from Love, Sex, Friendship to eating Taco Bell. Learn how fun life can be when your eyes are wide open, living every day filled with love and happiness. Don't forget. If you're offended easily, this podcast may not be the best fit for you. #NSFW #TATIP #LOVE #SEX #STORIES #STORYTIME

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